Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby number 1

OK, so I've toyed with this, will I blog, wont I blog for some time now. Mostly because I dont really know where to start my story.
As you've already seen I've named my blog "Mom times 3" This is because being a Mom is probably the most of what I am. Yes, I'm an adult with a job & a life but like most Moms, my kids come first & everything I do is either for them or about them in some way. And so, I will start my blog with becoming a Mom....
1991, a year I will never forget. I had just turned 16. I had a boyfriend & for the first time in my short life, I felt loved. I had someone who said I was special. Wow!
Late 91, at 9 months (&10 days) pregnant, I finally got the pains I'd been waiting for. My baby was on the way. I climbed into my Daddy's Transit van & he drove me the short distance to the Rotunda hospital. Once we got there things moved quite quickly. I was admitted to the labour ward at 12 noon & by half past 3 my bundle was on the way. I was terrified!
4.12 PM & my life changed. After some unsuccessful pushing the midwife decided I needed " some help" Out came the forceps & minutes later my beautiful baby girl. I was absolutely thrilled!!! I finally had someone to love that would love me back unconditionally.
I know for a fact that having my baby saved me from so much heartache. Why? Because I grew up in a corporation estate with all my peers on cigs, booze & drugs. With a family like mine I was bound to follow in no time. My parents (who would die if they knew I'd put this on paper), really should never have had children. They spent years fighting each other & never showed any love or affection to either me, my sister or my brother. As a result we grew up thinking we were useless articles and fought with each other constantly. We had very little food, clothes,toys or toiletries. We still as adults feel this & both myself & my sis over compensate by buying rediculous amount of food, toiletries and underwear for ourselves & our children. Only the other day I had a conversation with a few friends about buying underwear. I made a comment about having lots & then decided to do a count just to see how obsessed I actually am. I wont put the number here but it me just answer by saying... VERY
Anyway, back to becoming a Mom. I took my beautiful daughter home after 2 days & was just over the moon with her. I loved everything about being a Mom. I was so proud to push her around in her new pram, She was & still is my world. I was now minus the boyfriend but I didn't mind in the slightest. I had a perfect little bundle & that was all I needed. Life seemed so simple.... Little did I know eh,x

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hi all. I'm new to blogging & not too sure where to start so will just introduce myself for now & see where it goes.
I'm single Mom to 3 wonderful children. We live in Dublin. 2 of my children have special needs. My eldest, we will call Fada, given to her by my Dad, middle child will be known as Trouble, you'll see why in time,lol, & my youngest, we'll call Spud.
My story will be long & probably boring sometimes, also may seen fictional by times but I can promise you the truth. I have had a very full life & feel its time to put it on paper(so to speak).